Q: How to create Paymitly account?

Visit https://www.paymitly.com, click on Create account button and complete the required form.


Q: How to withdraw from Paymitly account?

As new user, your account will have “Initial Verification” status with limitations. You can deposit the money in Initial Verification status, but cannot withdraw. You need to follow the links Account setting > Verification then You will have to submit your personal details and some documents for Identity Verification. After evaluation of required documents, your account will be verified within 24 hours on "Extended verification" status. Afterwards, you will enjoy full services of Paymitly.


Q: How to integrate Paymitly with your business website?

For this purpose, you have to upgrade your verified account to "Extended verification" status. After upgradation you can integrate your website with Paymitly Payment Services through its API or using Woocommerce Wordpress plugin, once you get the extended verification status you are also eligible to create your own store within your user account.


Q: What is way of depositing money? How long it will take to transfer the money to Paymitly account?

After login, you will see Deposit button in top cover of Dashboard. By clicking the button, you will have a variety of payment methods. All amounts exapt Bank Transfer would automatically be transferred to your account instantly.


Q: What is mode of deposit through Bank Transfer?

By opting an option Bank Deposit, you will put the desired amount and send a request. Subsequently, you will get IBAN details while requesting desposit. You will need to follow the on screen instructions, after necessary verification, your payment would be credited.


Q: How to withdraw the amount?

First of all, login your account complete the billing profile by following the links Account Setting > Billing setting then click on Withdraw option in dashboard. Put the amount, select the desire option and click Send money button. Within the time frame, payment would be sent to your account.


Q: What are the charges of depositing and withdrawing money?

Every method has different service charges. click here for fee structure


Q: How to transfer the money?

Primarily, you need to know the Paymitly account of receiver. After that you can transfer the money by clicking on the menu "Money Transfer" and putting the amount, mention the Account ID and amount then click on "Send money" button.


Q: Is there any money transfer charges?

No. There are no charges for money transfers. click here for fee structure


Q: How to use Currency Exchange option?

You can exchange your base currency i.e. GBP in USD, EUR, CAD, AED, SAR, etc. We are also working on addition of new currencies.


Q: How to check the balance other than base currency GBP?

In Dashboard, hover mouse pointer to Info icon. Info icon available besides base currency GBP.


Q: Can I forward Digital Invoice through Paymilty to my client so that he/she could send me payment according to invoice?

Yes. There is an option in your account “Invoice”. By using it, you can send Payment Invoice to the Paymitly user. There is no fee applicable for invoicing.


Q: What is meant by Voucher in Dashboard?

E-voucher feature is introduced for non-Paymitly users. You can prepare E-voucher of any amount and send it to non-Paymitly user through email. He / she can create Paymitly account in 30 seconds and deposit the E-voucher in his / her account. E-voucher can be prepared in all available currencies.


Q: Is there any fee for creation of E-voucher?

No, there is no fee applicable for E-voucher.


Q: What is ‘Paymitly prepaid card’?

Paymitly Prepaid Card is Master Debit Card. You can shop online from millions of online stores through with almost unlimited number of transactions. You can pay to those online stores which have accepted Visa.


Q: Can I use Paymitly Card in ATM & POS?

Yes. It can be used on millions of POS and ATM’s where Master Card accepted. click here to see transaction fesses and card limitations.


Q: How to get Paymitly Debit Card?

Go to the side menu "Shops & Payments", Find "Paymitly Offical Store" and then purchase Paymitly debit card for two years of expiry. Remember while shopping from any store for anything, the payment will deduct straight away from your Paymitly account. After getting your request your Paymitly card will be forwarded through courier service to your registered verified postal address.


Q: Is there any charges for getting Paymitly Debit Card?

Yes, £35 would be deducted from your account when you will place the order for Debit Card.


Q: How to recharge balance in Paymitly Debit Card?

Go to Dashboard, click on Withdraw option and select Paymitly Card method to recharge your card. Enter desired amount click "Send Money" button. Amount would be transferred to your card within the time frame.


Q: How to get the details of all my transactions?

In Dashboard, click on "Transactions".


Q: Is there any way of recovering the amount in case of inaccuracy in transaction(s) or any dispute with other user?

Paymitly provides complete dispute management system. You can create dispute in case of anything happened undesirably. In case you win the dispute, amount would be refunded to your account from 2nd party’s account.


Q: How to get Support of Paymitly team?

Click on "Support" button available in dashboard and write down your issue. You would be replied accordingly in 24 hours through Open Ticket. No emails would be entertained.


Q: If I am not Paymilty user, then how I can get Support?

Go to https://www.paymitly.com and click on contact. Our team will respond you in 24 – 48 hours through email.